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You are a wonderful coach and I highly recommend your services!  Having recently gone through a time of many personal challenges, it was very important for me to work through these same challenges with you (rather than doing it alone).   You guided me through a process of self-discovery and self-wort, and as a result of this I can now say that I am able to see certain things very clearly, and address them before they become a problem.                                                     Your kind nature, your ability to listen without a hint of judgement, and your natural empathy are the reason why you do what you do. You have a wonderful gift!  I am now working on some of the tasks you have given me, and I must say... wow... it's been a revelation.  Thank you for your incredible patience and support. You have changed my life!!!

Leonor Silva (University lecturer)

"Having just turned 31, I ended a turbulent 12 year relationship, which drastically changed my living situation and I embarked on a daunting new challenge that I didn't feel able to take on, I found myself in what felt like a really dark place. Yet I was blown away by how Henna was immediately able to grasp how I was feeling, even though I could barely articulate it myself, and it felt like I was able to connect with her immediately.  The coaching helped me to discover not only personal reserve of strength, but also helped me develop the self-confidence to take control over my life path.  Today, I am thriving with the self-confidence that coaching has helped me develop within myself.  My self-awareness and ability to better recognise and understand how I think and feel in different situations has helped me deal with what I thought was uncontrollable anxiety.  It has also helped me determine some key goals and ways to reach those.  I have developed into someone who  believes in herself and I am truly excited about my future."  

Rachael B

"I have been seeing Henna for 1 to 1 coaching sessions since 2013, when I was consumed with the raging storm, which left me with every key wheel of my life misplaced. At the time I started seeing her, I was emerging from a very low state of mind, medically diagnosis “very depressed”. I was also embarking on a training programme –Legal Practice Course (LPC) to qualify as a Solicitor, which was intense and highly demanding.  I came to the early sessions reluctantly, pretentious and somewhat guarded. I had never been in therapy before, thus culturally is a sign of weakness, though I have had marriage counselling as prep for marital life ahead for one year and thought fusion therapy would be similar.  During my journey process, I came to realisation at early weeks working with Henna that I had many layers of self doubt and battered inner spirit which needed unravelling and healing. I felt that I had in some ways ‘lost’ my sense of self whilst in a hopeless relationship. Through being a containing and reflective presence Henna provided a facilitative space which enabled me to slowly leave behind the broken spirit and to reawaken an integrated sense of self, in order words the giant in me.   A year into the work with Henna I received a further bombshell about my late beloved mother who was diagnosed with cancer. Henna intervene and provided me with a safe place in which to unravel and at times offload some of the immensely difficult feelings and emotions which my late mother’s illness unleashed.                                          It is interesting that even though my own journey in qualifying as a Solicitor remains uncompleted, I continue to see Henna. The sessions that I have with her are an invaluable part of my life. I don’t always look forward to them; it is a misconception to think that therapy is an indulgence- the work of therapy can be incredibly difficult. Being willing to allow a professional into your most inner self with all its vicissitudes and fears is an immense act of trust. Whatever feelings I arrive with at a session, I always leave feeling more focus, coherent and integrated in my true sense of self. I am grateful to Henna for being a facilitative presence in my life and my ongoing journey towards greater self awakening and emotional healing."

 Irene N. (Lawyer)

I found the coaching sessions by Henna very empathetic, caring, and sensitive. Her ability to listen and understand the situation enables her to ask sensitive questions that has made me think, open up and question myself if not the situation and think differently. She is truly made for this and very natural in her work. Thank you for your amazing support.

Sam (Manager professional industry)

The sessions where an opportunity to look into areas of my life where there have been some unresolved issues.  It helped to now things in a slightly different way.  It helped me feel more in control of some areas of my life.  The worksheets have been helpful tools to review following the sessions.   I have felt more empowered to be pro-active. I have been able to look at my life in general rather than viewing a few areas in isolation.  I have had some relevant answers to some unresolved issue as a direct result of being more pro-active.                                                                       (Anonymous Client)